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Ceramic of high temperature, stoneware.

Ceramic of free lead.

The high temperature ceramic D’CASA, synonym of quality and be the liking of the people besides be indorse with the guaranty “FREE OF LEAD”.

The magnify quality, give to the pieces make in D’CASA, it start with the clay formulate express for the fabrication, before to give form to the pieces, get dry with the air, the preparation like a first boiling, at 900° centigrade, before the individuality that print with the unmistakable seal of “hand paint”, before put to the pieces a enamel of hardness and resisted of the acid, for the pieces be ready of the secund boiling that makes at 1290° centigrade (cone 9), that give us the result of the durability of the pieces of D’CASA and make to facilitate adapt for kitchen and the tables service, the subtle and clear light colors. Make in a atmosphere of reduction named “celadon” with colors under of enamel mixing this with the modern technology in the traditional handicraft, besides it’s can be used in microwave oven or conventional and mekemention of it’s have 100% that be free of lead.

In our ceramic, we bring together the most refinement style of the Mexican handicraft with the functional of the modern ceramic, give a result, a product throughout the world acceptation. For the most sophistical expert and the most elegant establishment of the world.

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